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Top Ten Tech Programs to Join as a High School Student

If you're a high schooler looking to learn more about tech for your future career, but don't know what programs to join you've come to the right place! Below, we've compiled a list of the top 10 high school technology programs for you to consider joining to advance your path to success. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Caitlyn Obrero

“BETA Camp gave me confidence as an entrepreneur. As long as you make it viable; you can start a business.” Hear about BETA Camp Alumni Caitlyn Obreros take on the BETA Camp experience and what it’s like being a teen in Business and Tech!

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Top Business and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

We compiled a list of the top business programs for high school students that focus on leadership, building a business, and becoming a better entrepreneur - all while in high school! 

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Alumni Spotlight: Vivek Jariwala

BETA Camp Alumni Vivek Jarwiala talks about what it’s like being the founder of three startups, the BETA Camp experience, partnering with streetwear companies, and being an active member of his school community. 

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How to write an awesome personal statement

It’s important to look at the application from the reviewer’s perspective. Most of the times, it’s not about how many amazing qualities you can show them about yourself but instead digging deep into what they might be looking for and how you best exemplify that person. ‍

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What you can do in high school to set yourself up for success

We know you already have a lot going on and not all of these tips will come naturally. But just by reading this article, you’re opening up your mind to change and growth and that’s a huge step! Feel free to share with friends and family!

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Why you should pursue your passion

In high school, we are often told that some of our interests are a waste of time. They are not considered “productive.” We can’t possibly make a living from it…can we? At BETA Camp, we believe that you should be able to do what you love. No matter what you go into, as long as you have a business mind and a knowledge of technology, you will be invincible.

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