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Master the Art of Storytelling in Business

Must have elements of a startup pitch. Plus - free tools to build beautiful business presentations.

How Anagha started her career in medicine as a freshman in high school

Why you don’t have to wait to start your dream career.

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Meet the BETA Camp alumni on track to qualify for the Olympics

And what you can learn from his mindset.

How this high school student got into business with a $200M company

How Isha and her team launched a social enterprise in just 4 weeks at BETA Camp and found their first customer, a $200 M business. Plus, everything you need to know about product development.

How BETA Camp helped Fathima Land her First Internship

Starting out in networking and forming connections can lead to landing your first internship in high school.

BETA Camp Alum Addresses World Leaders at Geneva Summit

Nila Ibrahimi spoke at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, sharing her story of escaping the Taliban and advocating for the rights of girls in Afghanistan. Here are 4 things you can learn from her story.

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How to find internships for high school students with no experience

It's a numbers game. You have to apply to at least 150 job postings before you land an interview. Once you land an internship with a well known company, it gets easier getting others down the road.

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From Classroom to the Boardroom: Leadership activities for high school students

Leadership development for high school students

Will Burkhart: Teen Entrepreneur & Podcaster Who's All About Business

The founder of podcast Studying Success shares his insights building a startup in high school “A lot of the time people are willing to help you. So I'd say that it's important to try to build connections with people and reach out to people. Even if you think that they wouldn't give you the time.”

From 0 to Revenue: How Suma Built a Successful Productivity Toolkit

How Suma launched and started selling a productivity toolkit for teens with ADHD in just a few weeks.

How BETA Camp Helped Eva Become More Adaptable

A BETA Camp alum, Eva is no stranger to confidently pitching her ideas. Check out her TedX talk, where she spoke about BETA Camp experience and why social media can be a force for good.

Unlock Your Potential: Three Essential Insights for High School Students

High school can be a challenging and confusing time. However, with the right strategies, it can be an opportunity to explore your interests, develop skills for life, and find your community. We spoke to three BETA Camp alumni to get their take on what they wish they knew when they started their high school career.

How BETA Camp Taught Shreeya Continuous Self-Improvement

An alum of BETA Camp's 2nd cohort, Shreeya Patel is now a computer science student at Columbia University in New York.

What is the future of K-12 education? Review of how we’re raising the next generation.

There are numerous schools, startups, parents and educators building a system that prepares students for 21st century life: innovative, critical and entrepreneurial. These should continuously be supported, and alternatives and improvements to the system should be insisted upon.

High School Summer Business Programs: Summer In Style

For high school students across the country, summer is a time to relax and enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation. But for a select few, it's also a time to get a head start on their future careers. If you're looking to get a jump on your peers and set yourself up for success, consider enrolling in a summer business program. 

From BETA Camp to Stanford: How a summer allowed me to reinvent myself

Madison Huang is a BETA Camp alum from Summer 2020. She loves the idea of using business as a tool for positive change, and shares how BETA Camp helped her to develop the confidence to pursue her dreams.

FBLA Review: We Analyzed FBLA to Find Out How It Will Accelerate Your Career

Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, is currently the largest business career and technical student organization in the world. Read our review of one of the largest high school business organizations in the US.

How BETA Camp Helped Jada Discover Her Career Ambitions

Making the most of your opportunities is the motto that Jada Coronel, currently a first-year student at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, lives by. She completed her IB diploma in Toronto, initially thinking she wanted to follow a career in the sciences, but then realizing her interest lies more in the business field. At Queens, she is studying commerce, while also being part of the investment council and a private capital group at the university.

How BETA Camp Helped Rhett Bike Into Business 

Rhett Jones is a 17-year old living in Austin, Texas where he attends Alpha, a start-up high school that aims to help students love school, learn twice as fast and master life skills. He is currently building Texas' best public bike park in his neighborhood in Austin, for which he managed to secure $40,000 of government funding. But his real ambition is to secure a $100,000 investment to build the best private downhill mountain biking park in Texas and turn it into a profitable enterprise. 

How BETA Camp Encouraged Two Sibling to Pursue Climate Justice

Emily and Errita Xu are two siblings who both attended BETA Camp and Prequel programs. The sisters are currently finishing high school in Toronto, Canada. They have also converted their passion for environmental science and writing into Dear Earth, a climate hub that aims to tell the stories of climate activism through publishing personal reflections and conducting scholarly research.

How BETA Camp Helped Ashley Find Her Voice

Amidst strict lockdowns, Ashley Qian found a community of driven and ambitious students that made her braver and more ambitious. She is now working on a project that helps dementia patients through virtual reality. 

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Why You Should be a Teen Entrepreneur with Jane Wu

Incoming high school senior, creative agency founder, and BETA Camp alumni Jane Wu tells us about her experiences in entrepreneurship— from prototypes of sanitization products to newsletters and graphic design.

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How to Find your Child's Strengths and Weaknesses

By noticing child and adolescent needs and strengths, you can help to set your teen up for success in the future. Keep reading as we share the best ways to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your teen and look at common child strengths and weaknesses examples.

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How to Turn a Good College Application and Essay into a GREAT one!

Our application essay tips to help you land a spot at the college of your top choice schools.

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How to Turn Your Child's Interests into a College Plan and Career Path

When working on a college plan for kids, it’s important to start by considering their interests. Regardless of their age currently, it’s never too early or too late to start nurturing your teenager’s interests and transform them into a career plan.

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Parent Basics: What Should I be Doing to Ensure my Child isn't Left Behind?

By following these tips listed above and doing these parenting basics with your teen on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you can ensure they aren’t left behind in any aspect of their life moving forward.

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How to Raise a Successful Child in the Formative Teen Years

We’re sharing some of our top tips for raising successful teens. These tips can be applied to your parenting techniques at any time in the formative teen years, and it’s never too late to make a change to your child’s future.

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How Networking can Elevate your Career and Startup

BETA Camp Alumni, Rishi Kothari shared with us how networking while working in a startup has affected him and how it can boost your career or startup.

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Student Startup Resources

Investing in e-learning business resources isn’t easy but it will help you run your own business! Start today and begin working on yourself and your startup!

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Startup Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know

It is incredibly daunting to create your own startup as a high school entrepreneur. But we’ll let you in on the secret behind BETA Campers’ startups’ success.

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How to Get an Internship - A Guide to Starting Your Career Off Right

We have broken down the key steps to becoming an intern for different businesses, from startup companies to established tech giants and start your career off.

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Best Student Startups

Here are 4 examples of best start-ups founded by students, 2 of which are emerging from BETA Camp and 2 were founded by students when they were in high school!

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How to break into the startup world as a high school student

After spending our lives hearing about rags-to-riches stories of high school students, many of us are ready to start writing our own. Here’s how to prepare!

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Alumni Spotlight: Rishi Kothari

“What BETA Camp taught me is that you can be as nerdy as possible and still be an incredible entrepreneur. Building things that people want is the true connection between all founders.” BETA Camp Alumnus Rishi Kothari goes into how Beta Camp helped him navigate the startup world as a high school developer and entrepreneur!

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Top 13 Tech Programs to Join as a High School Student

If you're a high schooler looking to learn more about tech for your future career but don't know what programs to join, you've come to the right place! Below, we've compiled a list of the top 13 high school technology programs you should consider joining to advance your path to success. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Caitlyn Obrero

“BETA Camp gave me confidence as an entrepreneur. As long as you make it viable; you can start a business.” Hear about BETA Camp Alumni Caitlyn Obreros take on the BETA Camp experience and what it’s like being a teen in Business and Tech!

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Top Business and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

We compiled a list of the top business programs for high school students that focus on leadership, building a business, and becoming a better entrepreneur - all while in high school! 

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Alumni Spotlight: Vivek Jariwala

BETA Camp Alumni Vivek Jarwiala talks about what it’s like being the founder of three startups, the BETA Camp experience, partnering with streetwear companies, and being an active member of his school community. 

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How to write an awesome personal statement

It’s important to look at the application from the reviewer’s perspective. Most of the times, it’s not about how many amazing qualities you can show them about yourself but instead digging deep into what they might be looking for and how you best exemplify that person. ‍

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What you can do in high school to set yourself up for success

We know you already have a lot going on and not all of these tips will come naturally. But just by reading this article, you’re opening up your mind to change and growth and that’s a huge step! Feel free to share with friends and family!

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Why you should pursue your passion

In high school, we are often told that some of our interests are a waste of time. They are not considered “productive.” We can’t possibly make a living from it…can we? At BETA Camp, we believe that you should be able to do what you love. No matter what you go into, as long as you have a business mind and a knowledge of technology, you will be invincible.