BETA Camp Info Session

Learn more about BETA Camp with Program Director, Salman Sohani. We'll discuss:

  • The BETA Camp experience and program outcomes
  • How alumni have leveraged the experience to stand out in college applications, land top-tier internships, launch companies, and even raise Millions in startup funding!
  • Tuition and financial aid

Information sessions are currently closed.
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Rishi went on to raise $1.6 Million for his startup, OttoPet, founded after BETA Camp

Rishi joined BETA Camp in the summer of 2020. After learning the startup process, he went on to launch another company, Otto Pet, which raised $1.6 M in Venture Funding.

"The connections I forged with professional mentors all over the world are ones that I know I'll cherish for years to come, and I've gained valuable industry knowledge along with some of the smartest students I've come to know."

Kyne Wang now studying Business at the University of Pennslyvania, Wharton School

Kyne joined BETA Camp in his senior year of high school where he was exposed to entrepreneurship for the first time. He is now a sophomore at the Wharton School interested in early-to-growth stage life science ventures that advance the frontiers of healthcare in the United States.

"BETA Camp helped me develop the mindset that set me up for success in the real world."

Shreeya Patel now studying Computer Science at Columbia University

"BETA Camp emphasized problem-oriented outlooks and made sure that we had the skill set to succeed in the future. The best part was working on our idea and seeing the traction for our business. It was a unique way to learn about entrepreneurship."

Eva Amin completed BETA Camp in Summer 2022 where she built a successful revenue-generating subscription start-up of self-care boxes.

She recently gave a TedX talk, where she spoke about her experience at BETA Camp and why social media can be a force for good.

“BETA Camp taught me how to be adaptable. Only having six weeks to build a startup was a very short amount of time, but it taught me how to adjust to the challenges you may face, how to look at a problem and know how to fix it, how to work in a team and communicate.”