BETA Camp Summer 2024

BETA Camp is for young leaders who want to learn how to solve the world's most pressing problems and get real-world experience today. 4 weeks is all you need to:

  • Start a real business with real customers

  • Stand out on college and scholarship applications

  • Stay ahead of the game with future-ready skills and a solid network

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Eva Amin

Gave a TEDx talk at the age of 16 after her BETA Camp experience.

Rhett Jones

Secured $40,000 in govt. funding to build a bike park

Give your teen a transformational summer! 

Watch them build a revenue-generating startup. See them acquire critical life skills. Equip them with the edge they need to get into top colleges.

Imagine this...

BETA Camp is where 13-18-year-olds go from being high schoolers to high achievers — standing out on college applications, getting noticed by recruiters, creating change, and building businesses the world notices. 

  • At the end of summer, your teen is fired up and passionate about what they want to do.

  • The shy high schooler you once knew is now a confident and capable leader. 

  • Solving real-world problems and standing out from the crowd doesn’t faze your kid.

What our alumni say...

"I learned more about business strategy in my first week than any course could've taught me from learning to deal with rejection to how enormous Silicon Valley companies functioned."

Rishi Kothari
BETA Camp Alumni

"BETA Camp is an extraordinary introduction and window into the fundamental processes of business development and management. As someone entering a business undergrad, it was a super insightful way of preparing me."

Kyne Wang
BETA Camp Alumni

“My perspective completely shifted when I joined BETA Camp; I didn't know there were over 100 like minded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world.”

Aiden Matt
BETA Camp Alumni
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*No credit card needed. Financial aid available.

The Secret to our Success?

Real World Entrepreneurs. Hands-On Learning. World-class Instructors.
You learn directly from industry professionals and startup founders, like:

Martin Ochwat

Co-Founder of Dundas Life and Wellow. Martin has built several 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

Henry Shi

Co-Founder & CTO of SnapCommerce. SnapCommerce will surpass $1 Billion in sales in 2021.

Khaled Hussein

Founder and Managing Director of Stipple Ventures. Khaled's previous startup was acquired by Airbnb.

Nicole Fitzgerald

Machine Learning Research Engineer at Microsoft.

Carolyn Chen

Founder & CEO of Reset Beauty Inc. Carolyn is an expert at influencer marketing having partnered with the D'Amelio sisters.

Jessie Duan

Chief of Staff to the CTO at Roblox. Jessie was previously an Engineering Manager at Quora

Chris Lu

Co-founder of, an AI powered tool that has raised $2.3M USD. Chris has invested in 100+ startups

Kevin Kim

Co-founder & CEO of Stadium Live and previously Head of Product at Drop.

Ikenna Enwere

Bachelor of Science from MIT, his MBA from Wharton and MPP from Harvard.

A Proprietary MBA-Inspired Curriculum that Develops Real-World Skills Every Single Day


Foundations & Ideation

Understand entrepreneurship fundamentals, tech trends, how to work with a team, and identify real problems to solve. Create and test a valid business idea using ideation and market research.


Research & Build

Master the tactical skills of entrepreneurship — copywriting, handling rejection, and leveraging tech. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), handle data, and build workflows


Marketing & Sales

Learn to strategize and sell with best practices for outreach, marketing funnels, viral content creation, and negotiation. Get initial traction for your startup and see those first sales come in!


Pitching & Demo Day

Learn pitching, public speaking, and planning for future growth. BETA Camp culminates in Demo Day where you share your business and get feedback from real-world VCs, investors, and entrepreneurs

Career Exploration

Throughout the program, students also explore different career opportunities within startups. They identify the skills needed and the pathways to take to get there. They meet with industry professionals and founders to learn more and get answers direct from the source.

“My daughter attended BETA Camp after SHAD. She absolutely loved it.

All students started extremely professional businesses with complex marketing.

It is a ton of work but so much fun, so much learned ... I was really impressed and I think it was absolutely excellent for her and for her entire cohort.”

Catherine, BETA Camp Parent

The Details


4 weeks. Options of:
JULY: July 8 - August 2
AUGUST: August 5 - August 30
Live workshops M-F, 12 -3 pm EST


Build the skills you need to succeed from the comfort of your home.


Ambitious middle and high school students, ages 13-18. Must be located in US, UK or Canada.

Here’s how BETA Camp is different from other summer camps

Born out of a desire to encourage kids to explore different careers, ask better questions, build something they’re proud of! Listen to BETA Camp founders share exactly why they created this program to help students shine and succeed in the real world.

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How BETA Camp is different than other summer camps:

No simulations. No business plan competitions. Just real results.

Hands-on learning. Real-world results.
Students build real businesses with real customers and solve real problems.

LIVE mentor-led workshops. Learn directly from industry professionals with real-life business cases

Hear from successful entrepreneurs and ask them your questions in our Founder Fireside Chats

1:1 startup advisor mentorship to get personalized guidance and instruction for unique-to-you breakthroughs

Network with and connect with like-minded peers from all over the world through scheduled Socials

Proprietary curriculum inspired by Silicon Valley incubators and top MBA programs

What Can You Expect at BETA Camp

Focused Skill Building

Build a revenue-generating business that solves a real problem

1:1 Mentorship

Get personalized guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and startup advisors

Small Groups, Big Impact

Work in teams of 5 with 1 dedicated startup advisor to build those teamwork and leadership skills

LIVE Workshops with Industry Mentors

Interactive workshops led by industry professionals occur Monday-Friday, 12 pm - 3 pm ET

On-Demand Learning

Recorded video lessons that make it easy for you to learn on the go and on your own time

Global Student Community

Join a community of 350+ driven students worldwide. Collaborate with students who are your intellectual matches from all over the world.

Trusted by Parents Worldwide to Transform Students Into Future Leaders

Everything You Need to Get an Edge and Find Your Passion While Having FUN!

"My daughter has loved BETA Camp. She's learning real-world problem-solving, communication, and ideation skills that aren't honed in schools. She entered the program intimidated as she was one of the youngest, but is emerging with newfound confidence and important skills for the future. Really impressed by the program.”

-Karla, BETA Camp Parent

“BETA Camp is building future leaders.

As the world evolves, the work environment and job availability are going to change. Some jobs are going to be obsolete. AI is going to change the world in unprecedented ways.

Who is going to succeed then? Leaders and people who are willing to take risks and imagine. BETA Camp is a stepping stone towards this thought process.”

— Maya, BETA Camp Parent

“My daughter went from struggling to find her place in extracurriculars to landing an internship with a global startup based in Amsterdam (we are in Canada) through BETA Camp connections and launching her own graphic design agency with the skills that she gained. BETA Camp gave her confidence and skills but also helped her find meaning and passion.

-Wei, BETA Camp Parent

By The Numbers

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students across 9+ countries have gone through BETA Camp


of students are female and we're led by two female founders!


of students self-identify as People of Color. 80%+ of our team are POCs


of students are proud of the startups they launched at BETA Camp


of students are more confident in their abilities to lead and work on a team after attending BETA Camp

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*No credit card required to apply.

Now Enrolling for Summer 2024!

July 8 - August 2 2024
Mon - Fri, 12 -3pm EST

Super Early Bird Rate (save $950!)

What’s Included:
60+ hours of live interactive workshops

with industry experts and entrepreneurs.

25+ hours of on-demand lecture content

inspired by startup incubators and top MBA programs.

6 hours of 1:1 startup team mentorship

with experienced entrepreneurs and alumni mentors.

Secure Your Place
And join 350+ students discovering their passion and purpose in this world.
August 5 - August 30 2024
Mon - Fri, 12 - 3 pm EST

Super Early Bird Rate (save $950!)

What’s Included:
60+ hours of live interactive workshops

with industry experts and entrepreneurs.

25+ hours of on-demand lecture content

inspired by startup incubators and top MBA programs.

6 hours of 1:1 startup team mentorship

with experienced entrepreneurs and alumni mentors.

Secure Your Place
And join 350+ students discovering their passion and purpose in this world.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that investing in BETA Camp can feel a little scary. This is why your investment is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. If by the end of BETA Camp you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, get a 100% refund. To keep this completely fair, we do require students show up and do the work. To be eligible for the refund, students must:

  • Complete all required startup work by each weekly deadline

  • Attend more than 90% of startup mentorship sessions and 80% of all live workshops

  • Participate in Demo Day to pitch in front of judges with 100% of the deck sessions completed.

Questions about the Program?

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at

How much does BETA Camp cost?

Fall 2023: $2,750 USD. Final applications close September 17th.

Summer 2024: $3,000 with early bird tuition.

Is it online?


BETA Camp is fully virtual and conducted through live interactive workshops with our mentors and instructors.

From the start, we intentionally designed BETA Camp to be fully virtual for 3 reasons:

1. You can work with instructors from the world’s top companies to get exposure and discover careers outside of of your local community. For example, the Head of Innovation at IKEA based at IKEA headquarters in Sweden has taught our Design Thinking workshop. We’ve had exceptional instructors like senior engineers at Waymo, Google’s self driving car unit, to CEOs of billion dollar companies come in to run workshops. You can’t find that at your locally based extracurricular program.

2. Students meet and work with likeminded peers from around North America and the world. Being able to work across cultures with people from different backgrounds is a skill all employers look for. Our students love that they can be in Toronto and work with team members in California, Ecuador or England!

3. Tech-enabled learning is better than offline learning. With the internet, the world is at your fingertips. We use remote work tools instead of what's available for their online school. For example, we use for collaborating. It's so much better than pen and paper or a whiteboard. Students can use templates, color code, set timers to vote for the best ideas, paste in information from elsewhere on the internet. When used properly, an online environment is more engaging and effective for learning.

You can read about students' experience with online learning program on our Success Stories page.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

Our Fall 2023 program is a 10-week fully virtual program runs from October 7th to December 16th.

Live interactive workshops with our instructors and mentors are on Saturdays from 12-3 pm ET.

Final applications close September 17th.

To join, please complete an application here!

How do I join BETA Camp?

Please complete an application for an upcoming cohort at

The application includes a few questions to get to know you better. After your application, we invite all students to a short informal interview to learn more about your interests and goals, and answer any questions about the program!

Who is BETA Camp for?

BETA Camp is for ambitious middle and high school students, ages 13 - 18 years old, located in the US, Canada or the UK. We look for curious, motivated and ambitious students. They are forever learning and keen on taking action. We do not require any previous knowledge in business, technology, or entrepreneurship - only an open mind and demonstrated motivation.

Do I need a startup, a startup idea, or a team before applying?

Not at all! Students are not expected to have a startup idea or a team upon joining. BETA Camp guides you through the process of ideation and using design thinking principles to narrow down the opportunity area and problem you want to tackle. Teams will be formed during the program. Students choose their teams and / or based are matched with a team based on personality, skillset, and interest by BETA Camp staff.

What happens when BETA Camp ends?

BETA Camp Fellowship: AlphaX

After BETA Camp, students may be invited to continue their startup and entrepreneurship journey with BETA Camp's Fellowship program, AlphaX. An invite-only opportunity for students who have shown dedication and effort during BETA Camp, AlphaX allows students to take their startup ideas to an Olympic level. Students will be asked to set bold goals, and given the personal guidance, structure and mentorship to achieve them.

Alumni Network & Beyond

All students are invited to our alumni community where students have the opportunity to remain connected with our vast network. Staff host bi-monthly events including networking opportunities. Some teams choose to continue with their startups (BETA Camp takes no equity or ownership with their startups). Others move to build new startups or non-profits with either the same team, their friends, or solo.We also see many students land internships through the network they built at BETA Camp with our mentors and instructors.