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A 10-week virtual entrepreneurship program where teens build a real business - from ideation to revenue.

  • Get a 10-year head start on your career

  • Stand out on college applications

  • Build a world-class network

4.8 rating | Over 600 alumni

400+ Students

Rishi Kothari

Went on to raise over $1.6M for Otto after BETA Camp

Jane Wu

Landed an internship at TikTok design agency

Why BETA Camp?

  • Put your ideas into action and build a revenue-generating startup from the ground up

  • Build your resume with real-world skills that set you up for coveted internships, jobs and colleges

  • Gain a life-long network of industry professionals and ambitious peers

  • Stand out on college applications and get noticed by recruiters and scholarship officials

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BETA Camp is the where ambitious students get hands-on experience and build skills that stand out

Top colleges our alumni have been admitted to:

You may wonder... How does a high schooler do all this?

With an unmatched combo of:

Mentorship by experienced industry leaders, CEOs, and world-class professionals

Like-minded peers who work together to create a revenue-generating startup

Personalized attention and direction from a dedicated Startup Advisor

The Details


Now enrolling for Summer 2024!

July 8 - Aug 2 2024 or
Aug 5 - Aug 30 2024

Online interactive workshops are held Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 3 pm ET (Eastern Time US).


100% online with interactive workshops.

BETA Camp is taught through live interactive online workshops where you learn directly from industry professionals and guest instructors.


Ambitious high school students.

Students must be in high school or just graduated and located in the US, UK or Canada. (Gap year students are also eligible.)

In just 4 weeks, teens are transformed into business pros

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Landed a deal with a $200M company

In just 10 weeks at BETA Camp, Isha transformed from a business novice into an entrepreneur who confidently landed a contract with a market-leading $200M company.

Secured Dollar Store and Kumon as clients

Through BETA Camp's immersive experience, Keva designed a groundbreaking web app that caught the attention of retail giant, the Dollar Store, and education powerhouse, Kumon, both of which became her clients.

Simplified transfers between top $ platforms

At BETA Camp, Navin identified a gap in the market and developed Paybridge, an app that seamlessly integrates with top platforms like Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal, making cross-platform money transfers a breeze.

Life Skills that Prepare Today’s Teens for Tomorrow’s World

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Creative Thinking Skills

Explore ideas and brainstorm without boundaries. Build something that’s never been built before. Create something from nothing!

Communication Skills

Perfect your  presentation skills each time you present in front of experts. Demo Day ensures you never struggle with nerves when pitching and public speaking ever again!

A Leadership Mindset

Build leadership skills as you build your business. Crafting your vision, working with a team, and executing like a founder put you in the driver’s seat. 

Community and Networking Skills

Meet new people every day. Work with ambitious, like-minded peers from ALL over the world. Develop connections that last a lifetime.

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*No credit card required to apply.

Personalized Attention. Proprietary Curriculum. Exceptional Instructors. Un-Boring Learning.

Everything You Need to Get an Edge and Find Your Passion While Having FUN!

BETA Camp’s proprietary curriculum is inspired by top MBA schools and Silicon Valley.

The learn-by-doing methodology ignites innovation, builds core competencies, and fosters lasting connections. A refreshing change from other entrepreneurship programs and classroom education!

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  • You don’t feel lost or overwhelmed. You get personalized 1:1 guidance and expert coaching EVERY week from entrepreneurs who’ve done it ALL 

  • You don’t compete. You collaborate, brainstorm, work in small teams, and learn how to win together  

  • You don’t sit through boring lessons that bleed brain cells dry. Instead, you learn real-world skills in a hands-on setting

  • That’s why BETA Camp students get a 10-year headstart on the future — from college applications to career choices!

Our Instructors

BETA Camp’s instructors, mentors, and judges are exceptional industry leaders from some of the biggest and best companies in the world. Past instructors have come from...

Get the Edge You Need by Learning from the BEST in the Industry

Every cohort, students learn directly from industry professionals and entrepreneurs working at the forefront of innovation. Check out some of past instructors below, and meet more here!

Dan Li

Co-Founder Shypyard | MBA, Harvard Business School

Dan has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and MBA at Harvard Business School. He was a Senior Product Manager at Linkedin and has previously worked at Facebook and Microsoft and Zhenfund, an investment firm.

Cindy Soo

Global Innovation Manager, IKEA

Cindy is a strategy and innovation leader with 20+ years of experience working with boutique brands and Fortune 500 companies. She is currently the Head of Innovation at IKEA, based in Sweden, and guest lectures universities and consults for C-suite executives.

Valeria Kogan

Founder and CEO of Fermata | PhD | Forbes 30 under 30 Europe '22

Valeria has an BSc and MSc in applied maths and PhD in bioinformatics. Starting her career as a researcher in AI for biotech start-ups, she is now a Co-Founder of Smartomica, a company focused on developing an AI-based platform which assists oncologists in diagnosis of severe cancer patients.

Bobby Idogho

Founder and CEO at Radically Digital | Forbes 30 under 30

Bobby is the Co-Founder of Radically Digital, one of the UK's fastest-growing tech consulting firms. He's also served as a Management Consultant at Deloitte and Student Ambassador at Google.

Build a startup with personalized mentorship

In addition to learning from industry pros, students receive 1:1 team guidance from a dedicated Startup Advisor. Meet some of our current and past advisors below!

Matt Salsamendi

Co-Founder, Mixer

Matt founded MCProHosting in 2011 at age 13, which he sold to Microsoft at 18. The company later grew to become Mixer — the world's largest game server provider, hosting over 600,000 game servers with $5M/yr in revenue.

Chris Brooks

Co-Founder | Angel Investor | Product Expert

With almost a decade in the startup ecosystem, Chris brings his engineering and product expertise together with his background of venture capital and community building. He has launched B2B enterprise SaaS products, auditing services, and consumer packaged goods.

Akshay Maharaj

Co-Founder, Aview International

Akshay founded his company, Aview International, in high school and continues to grow it in to an international multimedia business that provides translation services for some the world's largest content creators like Logan Paul, Mark Rober and Yes Theory.

Jesse Pound

Co-Founder, Ember Bazaar | CEO, Vunatec

Passionate about sustainability, Jesse has applied her mechanical engineering background to climate tech solutions. She's worked in nanomaterials for hydrogen fuel storage; co-founded a startup increasing wildfire resiliency; and is the CEO of Vunatec, an agritech company that uses Machine Learning to reduce agricultural waste.

“BETA Camp will introduce you to endless future career possibilities, how to get there, and then equip you with the skills that will help you excel in these areas.”

Aly Dhanani
Alumnus, Fall 2020 Cohort

“Hearing from and developing connections with BETA Camp's speakers opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards and look forward to, as well as empowering me to strive to achieve more.”

Sarah Chan
Alumnus, Spring 2021 Cohort

"My perspective completely shifted when I joined BETA Camp; I didn't know there was over 100 likeminded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world."

Aiden Matt
Alumnus, Summer 2022 Cohort

The Beta Camp Advantage

Propelling Ambitious High Schoolers towards Startup Success, Global Internships, and Top Universities.

Beyond BETA Camp

"I GOT INTO STANFORD! Thank you so much for all of your help! BETA Camp has been so instrumental in my personal growth and opening up the opportunities to make this possible. I am grateful beyond imagine and am so excited for this next stage of my journey."

-Madi Huang

"To anyone skeptical about creating your own startup, you really have no idea how much you will be able to learn and grow. With a helpful team, you can make a surprising impact in any industry. BETA Camp serves as a really good opportunity to get your foot in the door, even before leaving high school."

-Noah Juravsky

“BETA Camp really opened up my mind to new opportunities I would never be exposed to during school or any other leadership programs for high school students. It gave me confidence in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

-Zoya Khan

"When I joined BETA Camp I was very shy, but BETA Camp has helped me branch out and become better at public speaking. I got out of my introverted shell and learned ways to turn being a high school entrepreneur into an advantage."

Jack Perrow

"I didn't think that I would have much to take away from BETA’s exposure to incredible speakers in lead positions of the world’s greatest companies. But I was proven wrong. It opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards."

Sarah Chan

"BETA Camp is what Y-Combinator is to Adults; a startup accelerator that changes your life prospects right from day 1. BETA Camp is unique in the way it teaches theory you can immediately apply to your startup."

Shakeel Majeed

By The Numbers

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students across 9+ countries have gone through BETA Camp


of students are female and we're led by a female founder!


of students self-identify as People of Color. 80%+ of our team are POCs


of students are proud of the startups they launched at BETA Camp


of students are more confident in their abilities to lead and work on a team after attending BETA Camp

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*No credit card required to apply.

Summer 2024 Tuition

60 hours of live, interactive curriculum led by industry leaders and entrepreneurs
25 hours of MBA-level curriculum on business and tech
1:1 mentorship with experienced entrepreneurs
4 weeks to transform your future trajectory
Financial Aid:
Our goal is to support ambitious students regardless of their financial situation. Students may apply for financial aid after completing their application. Please see our FAQs for more.

Super Early Bird (save $950!)

Enroll by January 15th

$3,000 USD

Early Bird

Enroll by March 1st

$3,500 USD


Enroll by June 15th

$3,950 USD

Parents LOVE BETA Camp because it is the BEST for Teens Who Are Ready to be problem solvers

Everything You Need to Get an Edge and Find Your Passion While Having FUN!

"My daughter has loved BETA Camp. She's learning real-world problem-solving, communication, and ideation skills that aren't honed in schools. She entered the program intimidated as she was one of the youngest, but is emerging with newfound confidence and important skills for the future. Really impressed by the program.”

-Karla, BETA Camp Parent

“BETA Camp is building future leaders.

As the world evolves, the work environment and job availability are going to change. Some jobs are going to be obsolete. AI is going to change the world in unprecedented ways.

Who is going to succeed then? Leaders and people who are willing to take risks and imagine. BETA Camp is a stepping stone towards this thought process.”

— Maya, BETA Camp Parent

“My daughter went from struggling to find her place in extracurriculars to landing an internship with a global startup based in Amsterdam (we are in Canada) through BETA Camp connections and launching her own graphic design agency with the skills that she gained. BETA Camp gave her confidence and skills but also helped her find meaning and passion.

-Wei, BETA Camp Parent

Rishi went on to raise $1.6 Million for his startup, OttoPet, founded after BETA Camp

Rishi joined BETA Camp in the summer of 2020. After learning the startup process, he went on to launch another company, Otto Pet, which raised $1.6 M in Venture Funding.

"The connections I forged with professional mentors all over the world are ones that I know I'll cherish for years to come, and I've gained valuable industry knowledge along with some of the smartest students I've come to know."

Kyne Wang now studying Business at the University of Pennslyvania, Wharton School

Kyne joined BETA Camp in his senior year of high school where he was exposed to entrepreneurship for the first time. He is now a sophomore at the Wharton School interested in early-to-growth stage life science ventures that advance the frontiers of healthcare in the United States.

"BETA Camp helped me develop the mindset that set me up for success in the real world."

Shreeya Patel now studying Computer Science at Columbia University

"BETA Camp emphasized problem-oriented outlooks and made sure that we had the skill set to succeed in the future. The best part was working on our idea and seeing the traction for our business. It was a unique way to learn about entrepreneurship."

Eva Amin completed BETA Camp in Summer 2022 where she built a successful revenue-generating subscription start-up of self-care boxes.

She recently gave a TedX talk, where she spoke about her experience at BETA Camp and why social media can be a force for good.

“BETA Camp taught me how to be adaptable. Only having six weeks to build a startup was a very short amount of time, but it taught me how to adjust to the challenges you may face, how to look at a problem and know how to fix it, how to work in a team and communicate.”

Our Partners

FBLA runs business programs for high school students in the US, Canada, and around the world

FIRST Robotics runs on tech and leadership programs for high school students in Canada and the US

YELL runs business programs for high school students in Vancouver, Canada

DECA runs business programs for high school students in the US and Canada

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*No credit card required to apply.

Questions Teens (and Their Parents!) Ask Before Signing Up for BETA Camp

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at

How much does BETA Camp cost?

Fall 2023: $2,750 USD. Final applications close September 17th.

Summer 2024: $3,000 with early bird tuition.

Is it online?


BETA Camp is fully virtual and conducted through live interactive workshops with our mentors and instructors.

From the start, we intentionally designed BETA Camp to be fully virtual for 3 reasons:

1. You can work with instructors from the world’s top companies to get exposure and discover careers outside of of your local community. For example, the Head of Innovation at IKEA based at IKEA headquarters in Sweden has taught our Design Thinking workshop. We’ve had exceptional instructors like senior engineers at Waymo, Google’s self driving car unit, to CEOs of billion dollar companies come in to run workshops. You can’t find that at your locally based extracurricular program.

2. Students meet and work with likeminded peers from around North America and the world. Being able to work across cultures with people from different backgrounds is a skill all employers look for. Our students love that they can be in Toronto and work with team members in California, Ecuador or England!

3. Tech-enabled learning is better than offline learning. With the internet, the world is at your fingertips. We use remote work tools instead of what's available for their online school. For example, we use for collaborating. It's so much better than pen and paper or a whiteboard. Students can use templates, color code, set timers to vote for the best ideas, paste in information from elsewhere on the internet. When used properly, an online environment is more engaging and effective for learning.

You can read about students' experience with online learning program on our Success Stories page.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

Our Fall 2023 program is a 10-week fully virtual program runs from October 7th to December 16th.

Live interactive workshops with our instructors and mentors are on Saturdays from 12-3 pm ET.

Final applications close September 17th.

To join, please complete an application here!

How do I join BETA Camp?

Please complete an application for an upcoming cohort at

The application includes a few questions to get to know you better. After your application, we invite all students to a short informal interview to learn more about your interests and goals, and answer any questions about the program!

Who is BETA Camp for?

BETA Camp is for ambitious middle and high school students, ages 13 - 18 years old, located in the US, Canada or the UK. We look for curious, motivated and ambitious students. They are forever learning and keen on taking action. We do not require any previous knowledge in business, technology, or entrepreneurship - only an open mind and demonstrated motivation.

Do I need a startup, a startup idea, or a team before applying?

Not at all! Students are not expected to have a startup idea or a team upon joining. BETA Camp guides you through the process of ideation and using design thinking principles to narrow down the opportunity area and problem you want to tackle. Teams will be formed during the program. Students choose their teams and / or based are matched with a team based on personality, skillset, and interest by BETA Camp staff.

What happens when BETA Camp ends?

BETA Camp Fellowship: AlphaX

After BETA Camp, students may be invited to continue their startup and entrepreneurship journey with BETA Camp's Fellowship program, AlphaX. An invite-only opportunity for students who have shown dedication and effort during BETA Camp, AlphaX allows students to take their startup ideas to an Olympic level. Students will be asked to set bold goals, and given the personal guidance, structure and mentorship to achieve them.

Alumni Network & Beyond

All students are invited to our alumni community where students have the opportunity to remain connected with our vast network. Staff host bi-monthly events including networking opportunities. Some teams choose to continue with their startups (BETA Camp takes no equity or ownership with their startups). Others move to build new startups or non-profits with either the same team, their friends, or solo.We also see many students land internships through the network they built at BETA Camp with our mentors and instructors.