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Peyton Verhoeven

"The connections I have built along with the mentorship I have received has been phenomenal. Over the past 12 weeks, it was truly a privilege to be exposed and to spend time with such exceptional and progressive business, tech leaders and entrepreneurs. BETA Camp surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend this program. "

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Riane Long

"BETA Camp has been one of the best experiences I've had. This program taught so many skills and knowledge necessary in building a startup. Industry professionals were brought in every week to give advice and personal experiences.

What I liked about this program is that we were given the opportunity to apply the knowledge we learned by building our own startups from scratch.

If you are debating on whether or not joining BETA Camp is worth it, I 100% guarantee it is. Even if your startup does not turn out to be the best, the community that you are surrounded with is well worth the cost."

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Andy Hwang

"I had never taken a single business or computer science course during high school, so I was pretty intimidated going into BETA Camp. However, I slowly realized that since the camp was filled with so many different people with varying skillsets, all I needed to do was be confident in myself and the unique skillset that I bring to the table.

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Momin Bilal

"BETA camp is a unique program that taught me about leaving my comfort zone and trying new things. I have learned how to come up with meaningful ideas, how to work in a team of like-minded individuals, positively deal with rejection, and I have also learned the importance of reaching out to others while building a startup. All of this was presented to me at the convenience of my home, and I haven't seen this type of program anywhere else.

I can confidently say now that it is possible for younger kids to make a startup, and there is no reason why we can't."

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Yash Uppal

"I was an entrepreneurial enthusiast and always found new ventures and business’s to work on, however I never really latched on to any of them for the long term.

BETA camp really opened me deep into the world of startups, which I fell in love with. I learned about ideation, customer interaction, rejection, and really dissected/analyzed inside many successful startups, which are all topics I would never learn at school.

I’m really glad I found the gem of an opportunity all in the convenience of my own home. I always believe in the fact that, “If we can train olympic athletes at a young age, then why can’t we train future CEO’s and build startups at a young age?” For anyone interested in business I would highly recommend them to join BETA camp!"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Jessica Witz

"I learned so much about business and entrepreneurship, and I can apply these concepts into other areas of my life. This opportunity was so valuable and I can't believe I started a business. It was such a great extracurricular, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone!"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Renee Gao

"I definitely learned a lot from BETA Camp in terms of understanding what it's like to be an entrepreneur. For anyone considering going into business, this program is a great way to learn more about different fields and hear others' experiences."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Melinda Wang

"BETA Camp has been such an incredible experience and all the staff have been super supportive. Not only are you learning real concepts that are applied to businesses, but you're applying these concepts to your own start-up. You also make connections with people from all over the world which couldn't be possible without this program."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Nneamaka Atoh

"This program provided me with an incredible platform to expand my horizons and delve into the world of innovation. I loved every moment of it and came away with valuable insights, skills, and connections. From the engaging sessions to the supportive community, BETA Camp has truly ignited my passion for entrepreneurship and equipped me with the tools to thrive. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Sofiia Kikaleishvili

"I’m very grateful I discovered BETA Camp and decided to join it, because my experience with BETA Camp has far exceeded my expectations.

Not only did I learn more about entrepreneurship, improve my existing startups, and create a new revenue-generating startup but I also met a lot of great people that I hope to work with in the future. With everything I learned in the program I was able to share my experience with the peers I’m working on other projects. This has significantly improved the quality of my other startups.

For anyone who has doubts, please don't! Step out of your comfort zone, join BETA Camp, and start changing your life for the better! "

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Aashvi Soni

"BETA Camp is the best business program out there. BETA Camp is truly an amazing learning opportunity and the community you get in BETA Camp is something you won't find anywhere. From the daily workshops to fun little weekly socials its truly an amazing experience that's extremely rare to find. The things you learn and the people you meet are truly incredible and the experience is invaluable. The staff is so incredibly helpful and passionate and the amount of time and recourses they provide each and every student is amazing. I'm super grateful I found such an amazing program in my life and I hope other students can experience it as well! :)"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Simran Sarai

"From building a startup to meeting tons of cool, really smart, and ambitious students—this program has surpassed all my expectations! Each instructor is so passionate about what they teach and truly care about your success. I'm so proud of the startup that I've been able to build and the friendships that I've made all thanks to BETA Camp!!"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Shrihan Ala

"The past 6 weeks I can honestly say I’ve never felt more productive in my life and I don’t mean in a studying school way.

For what might’ve been the first time in my life, I felt like I’ve put the knowledge I’ve learned whether it was through school or the BETA Camp workshops, to use. I’ve experienced the real effect of implementing what I’ve learned into my daily life.

I’ve always had dreams of what I’ve wanted to achieve in my life and before BETA Camp, I knew what I wanted to do but I always looked at it as a “want” and never understood how to convert it into a reality. After BETA Camp, my goals are looked at in a new light. It’s no longer “I know what I want to be in life” rather “I know how to get to where I want to be in life”. I will become successful and I will achieve everything that I want to no matter the failures that come my way."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Jake Rudolph

"BETA Camp has been one of the best experiences of my life! The program provided me with the unique opportunity to build a startup from the ground up, where I could apply the industry knowledge and skills I learned from the amazing Camp Counsellors. What really makes BETA Camp stand out, however, are the Camp Directors. They are dedicated, passionate, kind-hearted and brilliant, and they took the time to reach out and connect on a deeper level with each and every camper."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Jada Coronel

"BETA camp offers so much more than just information and lectures. The counselors provide campers with hands- on experiences regarding growing problems in our world. This teaches us how to address issues and build solutions, providing experiences that create the leaders of the future. My personal favourite part of the camp is creating our own start-ups. This gives us guided opportunities during the program, but will also help us for making decisions and affects our actions long after the program is over."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Iman Farhadi

"BETA Camp is nothing I've ever seen or experienced before. It brings students together to work hard, be creative, and exposes students to the real world. BETA Camp allows students to put their goals and dreams into action and allows them to experience and enjoy the journey of making your own startup."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Ari Chua

"BETA Camp taught me more about the world of business than my school business classes ever did.

Rather than pitching theoretical business ideas, BETA Camp forces you to get out in the world and fully experience the grit and grind of what the world of business truly is. Rather than just wasting my time ideating over something that would never come to life, during BETA Camp I spent my time creating a tangible revenue generating startup with some amazing teammates. 

BETA Camp has truly been a life changing experience. I was able to make amazing friendships, meet cool people who are top dogs in major business/tech industries and create genuine relationships with everyone in my cohort.  I was able to grow my own business tool belt, learn valuable lessons, bond with some amazing people and at the end of it, I gained a successful business." 

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Harshal Dayani

"I have always been unsure about my future career. BETA Camp has helped me hear about those who are 10 years ahead of me. The founder firesides have given me great insight with my career and goals moving forward.  Along with industry mentors giving their advice have been very beneficial for me in camp and going after camp."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Gavin Poore

"BETA Camp has taught me that no matter what happens, I will be okay. My reactions to unfortunate circumstances will be completely flipped. I have a new voice in my head. With a transformed mindset, I am able to share my wealth of knowledge with everyone around me."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Aiden Matt

"My perspective completely shifted when I joined BETA Camp; I didn't know there was over 100 likeminded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world. With the guidance of my peers and mentors, I was able to trek through the challenges of ideation, hypothesis testing, MVP, and reiterating until I found a breakthrough. BETA Camp is the beginning of many more amazing opportunities I will get, and thanks to all the amazing people running this program, I've truly grown."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Cianna Williams

"BETA Camp has been the best summer program I have participated in thus far. The endless resources — especially the experienced guest speakers — have made me reevaluate the progress I have made in my life as an individual invested in learning about and conducting business. Connecting with others who are all as interested as I am in this field was one of the best feelings, especially when able to challenge my limits alongside them."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Corey Buchman

No program has been able to fully match up to my ambitions and passion so starting BETA camp I was wondering how does this program fall short. Then a few weeks past and I couldn't find anything, and now sitting in my chair as the program has finished. I can confidently say that BETA camp has met every single one of my ambitions and it gave an outlet for me to pour my passion into. I can write a whole essay on why BETA Camp is the best program I've attended. No matter who you are, or what you want to do in the future I can not recommend BETA Camp enough."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Zeya Misra

"BETA Camp was the best decision I ever made, I loved the people, the experience, my startup, and everything I learned, I suggest everyone do it once because it will make your life and mindset 100 times better and prepare you for the future in an awesome way. I have made connections that will last a lifetime and that I know will support me in whatever I do in the future and I will do the same for them."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Beyond BETA Camp

BETA Camp alumni are taking the world by storm, launching new businesses and interning global companies.

Rishi Kothari

CTO at Otto Pet, a startup focused around keeping pet information stored on decentralized software.

"When I first joined BETA, I was expecting to go into yet another conventional summer camp; I assumed it was going to be filled with boring anecdotes from uninterested camp counselors and volunteers.

However, I soon found out that I couldn't possibly have been more wrong. In just my first week, I learned more about business strategy than any course could've ever taught me, from dealing with rejection to understanding exactly how enormous Silicon Valley companies functioned. The connections I forged with professional mentors all over the world are ones that I know I'll cherish for years to come, and I've gained valuable industry knowledge along with some of the smartest students I've come to know. All in all, BETA Camp was one of the most rigorous summer programs I've been through, but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Noah Juravsky

Co-founder of blockchain startup

"To anyone skeptical about the advantages of creating your own startup in just a few weeks, you really have no idea how much you will be able to learn and grow. Coupled with a helpful team, you can make a surprising impact in any industry. BETA Camp serves as a really good opportunity to get your foot in the door, even before leaving high school.

These past twelve weeks have been truly awesome; from the people to the knowledge, to even the improvement of my time management and organizational skills, I can definitely say that BETA Camp has benefited my life. I am really fortunate to be able to have learned as much as I did and am so happy to have maximized the benefits of this program."

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Vivek Jariwala

Co-Founder of Vandal Streetwear and freelance graphics agency

"I found BETA Camp to just be so useful in gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of the business world and the types of careers that are open to you in the future.

Building a startup at BETA Camp is an extremely rewarding experience that teaches you what you need to know on where to start when building a business and how to do it properly.

The steps you take making that startup is something you can then apply to any future startup ideas!"

Senior, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS

Jane Wu

Intern at Many Creators and founder of Slayinqraphics

"After BETA Camp, I was connected with the founder of MANY Creators, a TikTok agency based in Amsterdam, Singapore, and Shenzhen and landed an internship there for marketing and operations. My time at BETA Camp really prepared me for a future in remote work.

A few months after BETA Camp, I started my own graphic design agency targeting small beauty brands. Because I had already gone through all the steps of building a business, I really fast-tracked this business.

I leveraged the skills I learned in cold outreach and sales. But what was more important was the mindset BETA Camp taught me to just take action and not be afraid of rejection.

Within 2 months of launching my business, I went from charging $15/design to $99/design all from building relationships and cold outreaching on Instagram. My designs can now be seen on multiple brands' eyeshadow pallet packaging, lip gloss packaging, and more!

Because of the network at BETA Camp, there are so many opportunities! 

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Caitlyn Obrero

Design Intern at Many Creators

"Joining BETA Camp has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life!

As someone who has no experience in the Business World, BETA Camp has walked me through so many concepts in such a short period of time, and has guided me through making my own start-up as well. It has also broadened my view of life because of the amount of people and opportunities I’ve come across, and I’m so glad I can continue through life with my mind open. If you are interested in all of these things, then please look more into BETA Camp! You won’t regret it!"

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

Aly Dhanani

Owner @hockeynews.ig (30k+ followers)

"Learning from the best comes with a price in both time and money, but the connections, knowledge, and experiences you come out of BETA Camp with are priceless. As Warren Buffet once said, 'the best investment you can make is investing in yourself.'

BETA Camp will introduce you to endless future career possibilities, how to get there, and then equip you with the skills that will help you excel in these areas."

Sophomore, Loretto Abbey

BETA Camp Startups

BETA Camp culminates in a Demo Day where students share the startups they have built in just a few short weeks! Students present their accomplishments and get feedback from a panel of VCs, investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Provides STEM based craft boxes for kids and blew the judges away with their stellar pitch!

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Discovery Crate
Supporting small businesses with monthly ethnic theme snack boxes. Sold over 20 subscription boxes, and made $800 in revenue!

Modern Patch
Diabetic patches that make teens and young adults feel confident in their own skin.

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Helping high-level athletes plan their nutrition.

Z Wealth
Gen Z media company teaching teens finance and wealth creation.

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Strawberry Day
A subscription care package for females during their time of the month.

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KeyTurn Digital
Affordable web design for small businesses.

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PayBridge Technologies
Seamlessly transfer funds between various payment platforms such as Paypal.

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Pivot Analytics
Using the power of AI to help influencers grow their audiences.

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Making occupancy information publicly available. During BETA Camp, signed on Dollarama and Kumon as customers.

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Online art galleries to connect artists and enthusiasts.

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Personalized, multi-activity adventures for teenagers in the LA area.

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Digital marketing agency that helps restaurants attract Gen Z customers.

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A mobile app service for teens looking to live a productive life.

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Pop Natural
Creates customized indoor plants based off pop culture trends.

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Provides personalized university guidance to high school students. Scholar Share successful ran multiple monetized webinars.

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Empowering hackers to complete
projects in bite-sized goals in small
design sprints. Ran multiple hackathons.