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Take your startup to the next level

  • Grow and scale your business
  • Stand out on college applications with real-world results
  • Get personalized mentorship to keep on track

AlphaX is an invite-only program for BETA Camp alumni who want to take their entrepreneurship journey to the next level.

AlphaX challenges you to develop your passions and real-world experience by pursuing an incredibly ambitious goal, whether growing your business to 1 Million users, producing your first documentary, launching your own video game studio.

Combining personal coaching, group workshops, and a network of mentors, the program provides the skills, structure and accountability to achieve truly remarkable goals to set yourself apart.

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Meet the AlphaX students

Grace: Flattening the cancer curve by 2040

Grace is researching the connection between food, epigenetics, and cancer. In 1 year of AlphaX she:

  • Started a blog on the connections between eating habits and cancer
  • Built a following of 4.3k followers
  • Landed an internship via her Twitter following
  • Wrote, filmed and produced a full-length documentary with her findings

Rhett: Launched Texas' best mountain bike park

Rhett combined his passions for mountain-biking and business by opening his own mountain bike park in Texas. In 1 year of AlphaX, Rhett:

  • Raised $350k from investors
  • Secured a $3 Million lease partnership to build a community bike park in Austin, TX
  • Secured $40,000 in government grants 
  • Organized construction and development to open Station Mountain Bike Park!

"Before BETA Camp, I always had the mindset that as a high school kid raising $100,000 from private investors was literally impossible."

Parker: Building a multi-billion dollar video game industry

Parker is on a decade long journey to create a thriving Indie game development industry. During AlphaX, he:

  • Developed & launched his first full multiplayer game on
  • Started his own indie game studio
  • Started taking university level courses in game design & development

BETA Camp Community

BETA Camp is for a few weeks, but the community is for life. After the program, students stay connected through our vast alumni network and have continued access to:

  • Virtual and in-person networking events & guest speakers
  • Exclusive and first-access to internship opportunities shared by our industry mentors
  • A community of 600+ ambitious, entrepreneurial and creative students from around the world
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Paid Internships

After every program at BETA Camp, we invite top students to join our team through paid internships as Community Builders. Community Builders serve a pivotal role in BETA Camp operations by helping host events, mentor current BETA Camp students, and streamline daily operations. BETA Camp internships help students further build their resumes with vital work experience, while also helping to shape the future of the BETA Camp!

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“BETA Camp will introduce you to endless future career possibilities, how to get there, and then equip you with the skills that will help you excel in these areas.”

Aly Dhanani
Alumnus, Fall 2020 Cohort

“Hearing from and developing connections with BETA Camp's speakers opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards and look forward to, as well as empowering me to strive to achieve more.”

Sarah Chan
Alumnus, Spring 2021 Cohort

"My perspective completely shifted when I joined BETA Camp; I didn't know there was over 100 likeminded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world."

Aiden Matt
Alumnus, Summer 2022 Cohort