Top Business and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

If you're a teen interested in business, we know how difficult it is to find high school extracurricular programs that allow you to be able to build and learn critical entrepreneurship skills. Especially in this current time, standing out on college applications amongst your peers is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, we're here to help you! We compiled a list of the top business programs for high school students that focus on leadership, building a business, and becoming a better entrepreneur - all while in high school! 


All Year Program

BETA Camp is a 12 week immersive online training program for students that focuses on teaching high school students how to start a business from scratch. At BETA Camp, instead of learning from professors or teachers, campers learn from a network of industry leaders from top global companies to help them design, test, and build a successful business while learning critical life skills most only begin to learn once they are a part of the workforce. They are currently accepting applications for their summer program, so if you're interested in an online entrepreneurship program for summer, check us out here.


  • $240.43/week ($1445 USD total) for Summer (4 days/week)
  • $108/week ($1296 USD total) for School Year (1 day/week)


Summer Program

LaunchX is a competitive summer program for high school students based on the MIT campus that brings together high school entrepreneurs and provides them the resources and network to start real companies. Through business workshops and notable guest speakers, teenage members are able to gain insight into the secrets of running a business and allow their entrepreneurial spirits to thrive. 

Price - $5,980 USD

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Summer Program

UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business hosts a summer entrepreneurship program for high school students considering a future in business and entrepreneurship. Through work with Berkely professors and undergrads, students will develop skills in research, writing business plans, communication, oral presentation, and teamwork. It is a great opportunity to expand your network with one of the best business schools in America and gain critical entrepreneurship experience. 

Price -  $5500 USD


Summer Program

Leangap, an international summer entrepreneurial program for high schoolers, is a start-up incubator that teaches high school students how to build their own scalable companies and nonprofits. In one summer, you'll leave this camp with a fully launched business that attracts real customers and users. 

Price -  $5,950 USD

Babson Summer Study for High School Students 

Summer Program

The Babson Summer Study for High School Students is a 3.5 week experiential program that is currently online and teaches rising highschool juniors and seniors how to develop entrepreneurial skills.  Members of the program cultivate core career skills and a sharp entrepreneurial mindset while working with peers from around the globe and earning 4 college credits from the top-ranked college for entrepreneurship.

Price - $5500 USD

Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

School Year Program

Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a year long entrepreneurship program for high school students that transforms them into confident business leaders. Upon entering YEA's class and forming an idea, you will begin to learn how to run your own real business or social movement. You'll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on business, personal finance, network and much more!

Price - $995 USD

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

School Club

Future Business Leaders of America is a student-organization that assists highschool students interested in transitioning to the business world through competitions that you can participate in through your school chapter. These competitions focus on a variety of different areas to help highschool students, such as leadership development, academic competitions, education programs, and more. If your highschool doesn't have a chapter, click here to learn how to start one!

Price - Ask your high school's FBLA president for any costs!


School Club

DECA prepares emerging high school leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and career ready through competitions that cover the basics of entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and much more! Because of the wide variety of DECA competitions, participants are able to compete in competitions that tailor specifically to their interest. If your school doesn't have a DECA chapter, learn how to make one here!

Price - Ask your high school's DECA president for any costs!

Business Professionals of America

School Club

BPA is an international business program that offers high schoolers the chance to develop valuable leadership skills and make life-lasting connections through an assortment of competitions that help students build their skills in areas such finance, marketing, business administration, computer science and small business entrepreneurship. Participating in BPA competitions enables high school students to gain access to many scholarships and opportunities that will allow you to thrive in the future as well! You can join your school's current chapter or learn how to make one here.

Price - Ask your high school's BPA president for any costs!

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