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The Ultimate High-Impact Networking Blueprint

Saturday February 17th, 2-3 pm EST

Your network is your golden ticket to career breakthroughs. Learn how to craft your personal brand and build meaningful connections with mentors and strategic connections.

- Why your network can be powerful for your next job and entire career.
- How to build your network by building your personal brand.
- How to craft a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out.
- How to find and reach out to potential mentors, advisors and peers.

How to Land Internships

Saturday March 9th, 2-3 pm EST

Ever felt lost in the sea of competitive internships? Entrepreneur and Cansbridge Fellow Rubaina Singla shows you the playbook for landing that perfect internship.

- How to figure out what you actually want to do for an internship.
- A proven process to land your ideal internship.
- How to build your resume that proves you have the experience (even if it's your first internship).
- How to convert internships to into paid jobs.

The Insider's Guide to Startups & Venture Capital

Saturday April 20th, 2-3 pm EST

Ever wondered how startups go from zero to funded? Step into the high-stakes world of startup financing with BETA Camp Program Director, Salman Sohani, and angel investor Oliver Farzin-Nia.

- Learn how and when startups raise money.
- Learn the core types of financing startups use to raise money.
- Learn about careers in investing and VC.

Crack the Investment Code: Beginner's Guide

Saturday May 18th, 2-3 pm EST

Ready to translate financial gibberish into plain English? Learn the fundamentals of the stock market from investment banker and investing coach, Josh Jia.

- Learn how the stock market works, and how to start investing as a teen.
- Get the basics of different asset classes from stocks to bonds to real estate.
- Explore careers in investment banking and finance.

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