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From Blank Page to College Essay (December)

Sunday December 17th 2023, 2-3:30 pm EST

Craft a standout personal statement for college applications with guidance from college professor and Prequel Program Director JP Guerra. Hosted by BETA Camp sister program, Prequel, this series gives you the skills and guidance to:

- Develop a unique perspective that sets your essay apart.
- Learn how to approach essays strategically, just like an athlete.
- Turn your everyday experiences into extraordinary essays.
- Refine your work with feedback and finish with a finalized essay.

How to Land Your Dream Internship (January)

Saturday, February 3rd 2024, 2 pm - 3 pm EST

Ever felt lost in the sea of competitive internships? Entrepreneur and Cansbridge Fellow Rubaina Singla shows you the playbook for landing that perfect internship.

- How to figure out what you actually want to do for an internship.
- A proven process to land your ideal internship.
- How to build your resume that proves you have the experience (even if it's your first internship).
- How to convert internships to into paid jobs.

The Insider's Guide to Startups & Venture Capital (February)

Ever wondered how startups go from zero to funded? Step into the high-stakes world of startup financing this February. BETA Camp's very own Program Director, Salman Sohani, and angel investor Oliver Farzin-Nia, pull back the curtain on how startups secure millions and when to make the move.

- Learn how and when startups raise money.
- Learn the core types of financing startups use to raise money.
- Learn about careers in investing and VC.

The Ultimate High-Impact Networking Blueprint (March)

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Your network is your golden ticket to career breakthroughs. Learn how to craft your personal brand and build meaningful connections with mentors and strategic connections.

- Why your network can be powerful for your next job and entire career.
- How to build your network by building your personal brand.
- How to craft a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out.
- How to find and reach out to potential mentors, advisors and peers.

Crack the Investment Code: Beginner's Guide (April)

Ready to translate financial gibberish into plain English? Learn the fundamentals of the stock market from investment banker and investing coach, Josh Jia.

- Learn how the stock market works, and how to start investing as a teen.
- Get the basics of different asset classes from stocks to bonds to real estate.
- Explore careers in investment banking and finance.

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