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Who will become the leaders of tomorrow?

BETA Camp brings together the world’s top high-school students and supplies them with the skills and network needed to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Campers start and build a business with real customers and revenue, learn from today's youngest industry experts at the forefront of innovation, and form a global community that will support them throughout their lives and careers.

Summer 2021: July 5th - Aug 13th

$241/week ($1445 total)

Fall 2021: September - December

$108/week ($1296 total)

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The BETA Camp Experience

1. Learn the Fundamentals

Our 20+ hours of proprietary curriculum, based on top MBA classes (at Harvard, Stanford and Wharton) and Silicon Valley incubators (at Google and Y-Combinator), is delivered in byte sized 2 to 10 min videos tailored for the GenZ learner.

2. Company Challenges

Practice the lessons you learned from the student portal in company challenges where you work on problems that real companies are currently facing. We've worked with organizations like Skip the Dishes and Copy.Ai

3. Live Workshops

We train our campers to think and act like CEOs. Our workshops are focused on growing your success toolkit and cover impactful topics like negotiations, money management and rejection training—skills you’ll use repeatedly during the course of your career.

4. Founder Fireside Chats

Connect with inspiring founders who have built their startups from the ground up and ask them all your burning questions.

5. Future Career Panels

Panels detailing different career paths and interests to help you explore what’s right for you. From traditional corporate paths to startup roles, we cover everything that’s out there.

2. Company Challenges

Practice the concepts you learned from the student portal in company challenges where you solve problems with real companies and startups. We work with organizations like Skip the Dishes and Copy.Ai

4. Founder Fireside Chats

Connect with inspiring founders who have built their startups from the ground up and ask them all your burning questions.

6. Build A Startup

The star of the show. By the end of the program, you’ll have built your very own business while implementing everything that you learned. You will receive dedicated venture guidance weekly, try out every role within a company and learn methods that make the difference between a thriving business and one that never gets off the ground.

A Sample of the Topics Covered

Design Thinking

Data and Decision Making

Critical Thinking


Delivering Results


Sales and Negotiations

Building a website or app as an MVP

Building workflows and operations

Business Strategy

What Else?

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Virtual Camper Portal

Lifetime access to our course portal of jam-packed modules and its updates. Each lesson comes with a note summary and cheat sheet for easy review later on!

24/7 Community and Support

When you join BETA Camp, you'll get invited to our Slack Community so you can reach all your fellow campers, startup mentors, and BETA Camp team anytime you need help. Our Teaching Assistants are not only seniors at top universities, but are also like your personal tutor, mentor, admissions consultant, and friend.


Weekly socials are hosted by our team of Community Builders for you to bond with your cohort and with your startup team. Exclusive networking events are hosted across cohorts as well for our alumni.


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Next Program Dates:

July 5th - August 13th, 2021

The deadline for Summer 2021 is Friday, May 31st.

We accept students on a rolling basis at the end of each month. All applicants who applied in a calendar month will hear back by the first week of the next month.

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