Accelerate your career by a decade

BETA Camp Masterclasses are short-format (2-hour) interactive courses where teens find their passion, develop real-world skills, and accelerate their career 10x.

The Instructors you'll learn from:

We believe that in order to become the best in the world, you need to surround yourself with those that you aspire to become. This is why all of our programs are taught by industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, or experts at the top of their fields such as PHDs, MDs, and MBAs.

"BETA Camp helped me develop the mindset that set me up for success in the real world."

-Kyne Wang, BETA Camp Summer 2021 alum
Now at The University of Pennslyvania Wharton School

Kyne joined BETA Camp in his senior year of high school where he was exposed to entrepreneurship for the first time. He is now a sophmore at the Wharton School interested in early to growth stage life science ventures that advance the frontiers of healthcare in the United States.