Launch an app
Produce a documentary
Build a business
Design a video game
Start a nonprofit
Launch an app
that impacts millions.

AlphaX is a live-cohort based program for highly ambitious teens who want to build a real-world project that will surprise everyone, including themselves.

  • Create a masterpiece project with massive impact – think in millions: users, viewers, dollars
  • Stand out on college applications with real-world experience and results
  • Get a 10-year head start on your career
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Why Alpha X

AlphaX is not for the average teen. It's for exceptionally driven, the bold thinkers, and the relentless doers. We help you turn your unbelievable ambitions into reality by building a masterpiece project.

Whether your goal is to transform an industry, make a significant social impact, or create something groundbreaking, AlphaX is where it begins.

Our unique approach combines:

  • Personalized coaching
  • Elite network of high potential teens
  • Interactive workshops to build something massive

Think of AlphaX as your personal launchpad to achieve extraordinary results.

AlphaX Students have been accepted into top universities

Why build a masterpiece project in high school?

Get the crucial edge for top colleges.

Grades and top test scores are no longer enough to secure placement at top universities. Today, students must have a 'spike' or masterpiece achievement to set them apart.

Turn your passion into impact.

Whether you love video games, photography, science, or business, turn what your interests into a real-world project with impact.

Fast-track your career.

At AlphaX, students get a 10-year head start on their future career by identifying their passion and purpose, and creating real-world results for their resume

Join a community of exceptional achievers.

AlphaX is a community of the most ambitious students in the world. Build your network with top students, experienced entrepreneurs and mentors.

Meet the AlphaX students

Grace: Flattening the cancer curve by 2040

A year ago, Grace was just a teen who nobody knew. Today, she’s collaborating with top doctors and scientists to create a cancer free future.

In 1.5 years of AlphaX she:

Rhett: Secured $3+ Million for his Bike Park dream

Rhett’s followed his entrepreneurial dream: to build a world-class bike park in Austin, Texas.

In 1.5 years of AlphaX, Rhett:

  • Raised $350k from investors
  • Secured a $3 Million lease partnership to build a bike park in Austin, TX
  • Organized construction and development to open Station Mountain Bike Park

Elle: Launched a dating App with 200K followers

Elle has built a massive following online in order to launch the first safe teen dating app. In 1.5 years of AlphaX, Elle:

  • Grew her TikTok/Instagram following to 200k in order to promote her app
  • Launched an AI-driven dating advice app, AskL, which receives 10,000+ messages a month
  • Met with the the ex-CEOs of Bumble & Tinder to help bring her app to life

More Student Stories...


Hugo is building his own record label that offers emerging talent contract-free record deals, empowering musicians to keep the rights to their music. Hugo started AlphaX in September 2023. To date, he has:

  • Launched his own label, HUM Marketing
  • Signed his first artist, Alicia DC, to his label
  • Gotten 20+ million views, 3.6+ million likes across platforms


Kate is transforming the way parents view education by creating a top-10 Substack newsletter that influences millions of moms and makes $1M annually. Kate started AlphaX in August 2022. To date, she has:

  • Launched and grew a newsletter with 2,000 subscribers that earns $25,000 per year in revenue
  • Networked and developed connections with influencers like Sahil Bloom, Sam Altman and David Perrell
  • Grew an audience of 26k on Twitter
  • Got into Stanford


Maddie is creating the first Broadway musical that is entirely written, produced, and performed by teens. Maddie started AlphaX in August 2022. To date, she has:

  • Written a full Broadway musical
  • Collaborated with songwriters from around the world
  • Pitched her musical to Broadway investors
  • Planning her first musical showing at theater festivals


Eric is bridging the gap in financial education by establishing a program where trained high school volunteers teach critical financial skills to millions of middle schoolers. Eric started AlphaX in September 2023. To date, he has:

  • Run a successful pilot program with a middle school in his area
  • Connected with several schools to launch pilot programs
  • Got advisors from Fidelity and University of Rhode Island on his Board of Advisors


Joshua is building a course to empower millions of students to land a spot at an Ivy-league university. Josh started AlphaX in September 2023. To date, he has:

  • Built a 1000-person waitlist for the upcoming course launch
  • Grew from 0 to 15k followers on Instagram within 3 months
  • Met with Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees, top university professors, and industry-leading founders
  • Written & nearly published a book on the subject


Anaiah is tackling the teen mental health crisis by creating an app that provides immediate support for teens. Anaiah started AlphaX in September 2023. To date, she has:

  • Built the first generation of her mental health app
  • Built an anxiety bot for a hackathon which was used by a middle school
  • Become an advisor on a teen mental health crisis support app (Teen Talk App)


Clara is revolutionizing the way we get health advice by integrating AI tools with personalized genomes. Clara started AlphaX in August 2022. To date, she has:

  • Built an prototype AI bot that uses your genomic data to give you personalized health advice
  • Tested this with 100 users
  • Built an audience of 1,000 followers on Twitter


Corey is empowering helping millions of young people become confident, expert speakers. Corey started AlphaX in September 2023. To date, he has:

  • Built an MVP of the AI public speaking tool 
  • Got an internship with a public speaking company 
  • Secured 3 key partnerships with local businesses to help bring his idea to life

Launch ambitious ventures, not average projects

AlphaX is tailored to you and your unique masterpiece project.
Each stage is designed to guide you towards creating your ambitious project.
Our program is divided into four pivotal stages:


Find your passion

Dive into your areas of interest, research topics you love and discover your passion that will fuel your masterpiece.


Define your masterpiece

Turn your passion into a real project. Craft a compelling one-liner and detailed plan for your masterpiece, earning approval for your visionary project.


Launch your masterpiece

Transform your masterpiece into a reality. Master building, public speaking, audience growth, and acquiring customers or users.


Scale for success

Scale and grow your masterpiece for maximum impact through coaching, mentorship, and specialized workshops.

The Details


Year-Round. Next cohort starts June 17, 2024.

AlphaX runs year-round with workshops and coaching sessions in afternoons / evenings.

Mandatory skills-based workshops are held Mondays from 7 - 8:30 PM EST. Optional coaching sessions with experienced entrepreneurs are on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8 - 9 pm EST.


100% online.

AlphaX is taught through live interactive online workshops where you learn directly from experienced program directors.

You also gain access to a private Slack community and a student portal full of resources to help you build.


We look for ambitious high school students ready to get an edge for their future.

- 9th-12th grade (gap year students are also eligible)
- Students must be able to attend live workshops, held in the evenings in US time zones.


Personalized coaching: 1:1 time with experienced entrepreneurs.

Workshops: skill-based group workshops to learn things you need to know for your masterpiece.

Competition: win up to $400 a month towards your masterpiece based on your progress.

Community: work with ambitious teens.

A Week at 

7-8:30 pm ET
Skills building workshop to give you the tools to create your masterpiece.
Coaching Session
8-9 pm ET
Meet with your Masterpiece Advisor for 1:1 coaching.
8-9 pm ET
Audience building support coaching session.
8-9 pm ET
Meet with your Masterpiece Advisor for 1:1 coaching.
Schedule 1:1 coaching time with advisors whenever you need additional help
Work on your masterpiece throughout the week on your own time
Deadline to Submit Weekly Progress Update

Sample workshops:

Idea Evaluation

Learn industry-standard frameworks to evaluate your startup ideas.

Storytelling as a Founder

Master the art of crafting a compelling story for impactful pitches.

Finding Your Passion & Purpose

Gain clarity on your passions and align them with a vision for your masterpiece and life.

Olympic Mindset Training

Develop an olympic mindset that will drive you to success in building your masterpiece.

Is Alpha X right for you?

As a competitive and rigorous program, AlphaX is not for everyone. Let's start with who this program is NOT for...

AlphaX is NOT for you if:

You don't want to make a BIG impact.

AlphaX is not for the average teen. It's for exceptionally driven, the bold thinkers, and the relentless doers. Core to the program is pursuing ambitious goals. We're talking about projects that impact millions of people. If that does not excite you, AlphaX is not the program for you.

Note: you don't need to know exactly what your project will be yet! The first stage of the program is about discovering your passions, and you'll then work to define your masterpiece.

You're looking for results without effort.

There are no secrets here. Any ambitious project takes time and effort. We'll teach you the systems, processes and proven strategies to get results and build a masterpiece with real impact and a stand-out experience for your resume. But, we cannot do the work for you. Students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week to work on their masterpiece.

You want to keep your success under wraps.

At AlphaX, we follow a 'Build In Public' approach. To find customers, investors, and  partners that can have an exponential impact on your success, all students are required to share their progress publicly.

Through this approach, current AlphaX students have connected with and met with influencers like Sam Altman, Sahil Bloom, Andrew Huberman, the ex-CEOs of Bumble and Tinder and more to get advice, resources and mentorship.

All students are required to share their projects and progress on social media. You don't have to be the most extroverted person (or even use your personal accounts), but you do have to be committed to sharing your ideas with the world to generate the network that will propel you forward.

If you are looking to put in the effort to outcompete the average teen’s next decade in under 1 year, then this is the program for you.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Spaces limited

The AlphaX advantage:

  • Build an olympic-level project that impacts millions
  • Build your resume with real-world experience and results
  • Stand out on college applications with a story-worthy experience
  • Create a robust network of peers and mentors
$425 USD/month
No commitment. Cancel anytime.
Apply Today

100% Money-back Guarantee

We strongly believe that AlphaX is a transformational program - because we've had transformational results. That is why we offer a full money-back guarantee for students.

If by the end of the first month of AlphaX you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, get a 100% refund. To keep this completely fair, we do require students show up and do the work. To be eligible for the refund, students must:

  • Complete all required startup work by each weekly deadline

  • Attend more than 80% of sessions

Apply Today

About AlphaX

AlphaX was launched in 2016 as a part of the core curriculum of Alpha School, an in-person high school in Austin, Texas. At Alpha, students are treated as colleagues, each in charge of their own learning journey, with limitless potential to achieve bold and ambitious goals.

After seeing the impact on student’s growth, college outcomes and career pursuits, we expanded to a virtual format, enabling students to join virtually from anywhere. Led by a team of entrepreneurs, educators, and creators, the program is designed to give students the personalized support, structure and accountability to reach their wildest dreams.

Katarina Smith

Program Director

AlphaX is directed by Katarina Smith. Katarina has spent the last 8 years helping students discover their passions and interests in the world of tech & business. She's taught and worked with thousands of students and young professionals through her programs at On Deck, a VC-backed startup, and UBC Geering Up, a non-profit.

Matt Salsamendi

Masterpiece Advisor

Matt founded his first startup when he was 13, and sold it to Microsoft when he was 19. That company became Mixer, one of the world’s largest video streaming services with millions of users. Today, Matt is now founding his next big venture: a platform that allows YouTubers to easily launch video games. Matt’s extensive experience in product growth & scaling will help you take your masterpiece to the next level.

Krish Shah

Masterpiece Advisor

Krish is the founder of of, which has launched platforms that housed 100,000+ Ukrainian refugees and provided real-time COVID-19 stats to 600 M people. He’s also worked at Silicon Valley startups like Synthesis and Replit. With Krish's guidance, you can learn to replicate his success and scale your masterpiece to its full potential.

Rubaina Singla

Masterpiece Advisor

Rubaina is the founder of Singla, a fashion company at the forefront of eco-conscious clothing. In three years, she has mastered the intricacies of e-commerce, direct-to-consumer sales, and brand building. Draw on Rubaina’s comprehensive experience in brand creation, scaling, and manufacturing to help bring your masterpiece to life.

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