Cianna Williams, New York City

"BETA Camp has been the best summer program I have participated in thus far. The endless resources — especially the experienced guest speakers. Connecting with others who are all as interested as I am in this field was one of the best feelings, especially when able to challenge my limits alongside them."

Tehseen Daha, Toronto

"BETA Camp has exceeded expectations! I not only got to actually build a startup, but I got to meet people working in my dream job and learn from their experiences, learn business concepts taught in school, and develop a network of like minded individuals who I will keep friends with for life."

Megan So, Los Angeles CA

"I think BETA Camp is definitely one of a kind. The connections I've made with my team and close we've gotten is absolutely crazy. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I wouldn't have traded it for the world!"

Noora Aka, New York City

"BETA Camp has truly changed my life. It's ignited a passion for entrepreneurship in me that I never thought was there before and I'm so grateful for the invaluable experience I've gained because of it. I've met so many new friends and gained so many new skills!"

Aayan Siddiqui, Toronto, Canada

"One of the most valuable things I've taken away is the importance teamwork. At BETA Camp we're constantly put into situations where we have to work with new people. We need to push each other if we want to maximize our potential."

Madi Huang, Boca Raton, Florida

"I've done multiple entrepreneurship programs for high school students. Even though they were in person and had smaller class sizes - BETA Camp is was a lot more engaging and interactive. I've never connected with peers like I have at BETA Camp.

Jack Perrow, Oakville Canada

"When I joined BETA Camp I was very shy, but BETA Camp has helped me branch out and become better at public speaking. I got out of my introverted shell and learned ways to turn being a high school entrepreneur into an advantage."

Zemra Lena, Anchorage Alaska

"BETA Camp makes learning virtually so interactive! I'd recommend it to every high school student even if they aren't interested in Business, Entrepreneurship, or Tech because what you are learning can be applied to all career fields."

Michelle Hong, Ottawa Canada

"Other tech and business programs for high school students I have participated in have been theoretical. I never was able to put any of the plans into action. I appreciate that BETA Camp is aimed to help ALL teams develop and launch a real business!"

Zoya Khan, Milton Canada

"BETA Camp really opened up my mind to new opportunities I would never be exposed to during school, or any other leadership programs for high school students. It gave me confidence in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

Borna Shani, Vancouver Canada

"BETA Camp was much more extensive than any other summer program for high school students as it did not only scratch the surface of business topics, many of our sessions delved very deep into them, which were great learning opportunities for me."

Shakeel Majeed, London England

"BETA Camp is what Y-Combinator is to Adults; a startup accelerator that changes your life prospects right from day 1. BETA Camp is unique in the way it teaches theory you can immediately apply to your startup."

Sarah Chan, Niagara Canada

"I didn't think that I would have much to take away from BETA’s exposure to incredible speakers in lead positions of the world’s greatest companies. But I was proven wrong. It opened up a world of possibilities for me, painting a clearer picture of future roles I can now work towards."

BETA Camp is for anyone who wants to...

The Instructors you'll learn from:

We believe that in order to become the best in the world, you need to surround yourself with those that you aspire to become. This is why all of our programs are taught by industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, or experts at the top of their fields such as PHDs, MDs, and MBAs.

School Year Program Details

The next school year program will run from October 16 - January 22 on Saturdays from 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST.

*Students should expect to spend 5-10 hours on course materials, small group coaching sessions, and building their startups outside of the live session times on Saturdays.

Schedule for October - January Program

Live sessions are Saturdays from 12:00 - 3:30 PM EST except for on holidays.

During the week, students will meet with a startup mentor for a 30 minute guidance session, watch lectures on the student portal, attend a weekly team building and social event, and work on building their startups.

The average time commitment to BETA Camp activities is ~10 hours a week.

What does an average Saturday live session look like?

During the live sessions on Saturdays, students will attend 2-3 different workshops. Workshop types include:

1. Company Challenges where companies come in and present students with a problem to solve that involves the lessons learned that week

2. Workshops that allow students to learn new business concepts or practice the ones they have already learned

3. Career panels where students will get to participate in intimate Q&A with industry professionals in breakout rooms

4. Founder Firesides where students will get to ask founders who have built successful startups their burning questions

What are examples of startups that have been built at BETA Camp?

Believe it or not, you can almost build any business fully virtually.

Here are some companies that our alumni have built:

• Physical products by building an online store on a platform like Shopify to sell subscription boxes, desk plants, or tshirts
• Digital products like a notion template, a curated playlist, or a budgeting app
• Digital services like a design or marketing agency
• Physical services like lawn mowing
• Building an online marketplace for a niche industry like used toys
• Building a newsletter or community that monetizes off of ads or sponsorships
• Creating an event or workshop

The world is your oyster as long as you find a problem to be solved!

You can watch someone of the pitches from previous demo days at

Why is BETA Camp virtual?

We plan on always staying with online learning. We designed for this program to be virtual.

1. We can continue bringing in instructors from the world’s top companies so students get exposure and discover careers outside of their communities.

For example, the Head of Innovation at IKEA based at IKEA headquarters in Sweden teaches our Design Thinking workshop.We’ve had exceptional instructors like senior engineers at Waymo, Google’s self driving car unit, to CEOs of billion dollar companies come in to run workshops. You can’t find that at your locally based extracurricular program.

2. Students can work with likeminded peers across the continent and the world.

Being able to work across cultures with people from different backgrounds is a skill all employers will look for. Our students love that they can be in Toronto and work with team members in Florida, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, London England, and Vancouver!

3. Tech-enabled learning is better than offline learning

With the internet, the world is at your fingertips. We use remote work tools instead of what's available for their online school. For example, we use for collaborating. It's so much better than pen and paper or a whiteboard. Students can use templates, color code, set timers to vote for the best ideas, paste in information from elsewhere on the internet.

Most of our weekend workshops involve building a landing page and using existing online tools to reach customers, build products/services, and do research - all done online anyway.When used properly, an online environment is more engaging for learning.

You can read all the testimonials our students have written about our virtual learning environment:


The tuition for BETA Camp is:

$250/week ($1500 USD total) for Summer
$125/week ($1500 USD total) for School Year

We also offer installment plans and financial bursaries.

BETA Camp hires world-class camp counselors to teach every part of the curriculum. These camp counselors are executives or founders that bring unique experiences to share with students that will help expand their world view on what is possible. For example, you will learning Design Thinking through an interactive workshop run by the Head of Innovation at IKEA - who runs the same workshop for C-suite executives globally.

Additionally, we have a full-time and part-time team operations team. This includes people working on ensuring the curriculum continuously improves and stays up to date, a technology team managing the student portal, and those working on partnerships and recruiting both students and camp counselors.

Tuition goes towards salaries and operational software that makes this experience possible for you.

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